03 January 2019

Still progressing toward audiobooks

Just a quick update on this, since I know some of you are hanging out for the Touchstone audiobooks.  I'm still saving up for them (I need to save up all the money first, since I don't want to risk needing to change narrators between books).  I am hoping to shift to hiring someone around the middle of the year.

Sadly the Australian dollar is very low at the moment, which means if I go with an overseas producer it will cost quite a bit more than originally expected.  Still, since I want an Australian voice for the narration, I'm looking at local companies first to see if any of them are viable.


  1. Awesome! I hope that the price becomes reasonable. I look forward to introducing my husband to Stray and the Singularity book on road trips.

  2. How much does this cost? Are you open to receiving contributions to help affordability?

  3. How much does the audio book process cost? Are you open to receiving contributions to help with affordability?

  4. I'm eager to know if you will have anymore books coming in the Touchstone series. My curiosity is killing me! They went to Earth for a year! Good gravy, girl! What's the outcome of that little adventure? Sheesh! I'm totally in love with all the characters and want more, more, more, more, more!

  5. Hi Jennifer - the cost of audiobooks varies depending on the individual narrator and the length of the book. Professional narration is generally $100-$200 per finished hour (or even more). I'd rather not crowdsource the costs - it puts too much pressure on me to deliver a product in a timely manner.

    As for Touchstone, I will revisit it one day (many years from now) to at least write Sue's book, but not any time soon.

  6. Wow, I'm so excited to hear there are going to be audiobooks!! I have reread the books so many times I've lost count! ;-)
    Will the audiobooks be available in Europe as well? Perhaps via Amazon or Audible? I'd love to purchase them! Kind regards :-)

    1. They'll be widely distributed, including with Audible.


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