04 October 2017

Snug Ship on Book Smuggler's Kickstarter

The Book Smugglers are having a Kickstarter, and I've offered up a chance to name a (major) character in Snug Ship as one of the final hour rewards.  Hardly any time left, so jump on it if you're keen.


  1. Maybe this just isn't done, but I would like to nominate a fictional character: (any of) Maleen, Goth, the Lewit or Captain Pausert.

  2. I know this is quite late, but first, I like the idea!! I'd go with Goth, Pausert, Maleen, or The Leewit (which is the correct spelling), in that order, tho the advantage to The Leewit, Captain Pausert, and maybe Maleen is that they would be more recognizably from Karres, whereas Goth would be confused with a recent fad, so while she'd be my first choice - I'd have to put her as last choice - unless you use at least one of the others as well.


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