23 April 2016


Goetia is a point and click puzzle game where you play a glowing ball of light that rises up from the grave of a girl named Abigail, and spend your time trying to work out what happened to Abigail's family, and why Abigail's family home is abandoned.

Being a glowing ball of light has its advantages - you can pass through walls, for a start, though you soon encounter walls with demonic shields.  And a demon.

This is an eerie, interesting and enjoyable game that will give between five to infinity of gameplay, depending on how good you are at puzzles, or how quickly you give in and cheat.  It's a hard game, with no handy arrows pointing to where you should go next, but mostly logical puzzles that you can solve with a bit of work.  I was very proud of myself for solving the typewriter translation!  I cheated ruthlessly in other parts!

Recommended to fans to spooky point and click.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll have to check it out. Have you played The Witness? Not at all creepy, but puzzles up the wazoo. I liked how it built up a pattern language of parity, sets, inclusion/exclusion, etc. over finger mazes, but I will confess that I ran out of steam after the first few hundred puzzles.

    1. No, not yet. Myst-like, right? Screenies I've seen haven't looked as pretty, but I might check it out.

    2. It's quite similar -- you wake up on a mysterious, puzzle-filled island with no explanations. There are even short multimedia clips scatted about the place. It's been a good two decades since I played Myst, but I think Myst was a stronger game with a more cohesive plot and more varied puzzles. The Witness is a one trick pony; it's all about deducing how symbols constrain solutions to finger mazes. And I remember Myst as being prettier, but that's probably just nostalgia given advances in graphics hardware.


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