17 December 2015

Star Wars: The Parallels Awaken. So many parallels (but no spoilers)

First, yes, very good movie.  Much fun, high pace, some tears, lots of awesome.  Star Wars as a series has a real thing about spaceship adoration, and spaceship adoration definitely gets lots of love.

As the post title suggests, there are a _ton_ of parallels, of similar events from the first movie happening to different people, but it's done very well.  Rey is all kinds of awesome, and I especially love her 'girl engineer' aspects, and where that leads her in terms of emotional resonance.  Finn is a great big sweetheart, and while I don't think Finn/Poe is where they're going, they totally should (though perhaps give Poe a little more plot-time so he gets to have a personality as well as a jacket).

I only have a couple of negatives.  First, could have done with more Leia and more Phasma.  Second, Kylo Ren's parallel is from the prequels, which is not a good thing: here's someone we're supposed to see in conflict, but instead we (or at least I) mainly saw a fairly stupid, temperamental jerk.

But still, definitely already looking forward to the next one, and especially finding out the things about Rey that we didn't find out in this movie. Will rewatch when it comes to TV.


  1. The first thing I said to my dad when the credits began rolling was "Obviously, Kylo is probably supposed to get redeemed, but as far as I'm concerned, he (spoiler), I wish him nothing but a gruesome death, no forgiveness is possible." I love the idea of Finn/Poe, though, I wish they'd go there!

    1. I'm not altogether sure Kylo is supposed to be redeemed. It would help if we had a better idea of his motivation for turning to the Dark Side in the first place (beyond Waaaaa, tantrum).


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