28 January 2014

Don't Starve

Don't Starve is Civilisation's gothic second cousin twice removed.  The game presents (on an individual rather than nation basis) much the same situation - increase your technological sophistication while exploring, setting up a base, fighting off attackers (or attacking) and, most critically, not starving.

You start out knowing nothing.  The game does not come with a  manual, or handy help tips.  You explore, and you click things, and you work out the most efficient steps for taking the randomly generated resources and getting through the night (and, worse, winter).

I haven't beaten this game.  I've died a lot.  And it's permadeath.  Starting over and over is frustrating, but I've improved (and expanded the selection of characters I can play), and I even made it halfway through winter once!  The sly dark humour is a lot of fun, and the game is challenging but pleasingly replayable.  It's also very cheap!  [I got it for $15 on Steam.]

Officially adding this one to the Excuses for Maybe Not Getting A Book Out This Year List.

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