20 August 2013

Gone Home (no spoilers)

Gone Home is a recently-released indie game which I guess could be called forensic story discovery.  You're Katie, just back from a grand European holiday - only to find your family home deserted.  You explore.

The gameplay revolves around picking up various documents and objects which trigger a voice over letter from your sister telling you what's been going on with her life - and other documents which give you a new insight into your parents, until you finally put together the story of why there's no-one in the house.

It's an intriguing piece - the voice over is beautifully done - and has a big dose of nineties nostalgia which is fun all of itself.  Though I found the game a little short, I was kept curious till the end - and it's very cheap, so well worth checking out for a different sort of game - or a new way of telling a story.

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