03 July 2012

AAtS - Research Trip

A photo of the Sydney Spire site (taken from the vantage point of the third major setting in the book).

It amuses me greatly that I will be able to claim lunchtime sightseeing trips on my taxes.

Currently about 56k along.  My characters are, ah, busy chilling out. :)


  1. Nice view. Very cinematic vantage point.

    That last comment had been not have been a reference to alien freeze-ray technology.

  2. I'm really curious to see what all these little bits of information(blog post, pictures, GR status updates etc.) we are getting will do to the book reading experience.

  3. @ Dave - no freeze rays, just freezing! :D

    @ George - Hopefully it won't have a negative impact. I've been trying not to be too spoilerish - AAtS is definitely a 'discovery' book, where a good portion of the fun is finding out just what's going on. Though that might have some negative impacts, since blurbs these days seem intent on telling readers the entire gist of the book, rather than just the set-up.

    1. For me i think it will have a positive impact. The reason i was curious is because i'm getting a lot more information about the story and setting i usually don't have access to.

      As for blurbs i find it there is a really fine line between not enough and too much information, for this book the comment that started it on GR was enough to get me hooked.


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