15 May 2012

And All the Stars preview

Previews are something I never read because I can't stand then having to wait to read the rest, but for those who enjoy such things I've added a two-chapter preview for And All the Stars.

The preview can also be viewed via the book's Goodsreads page.


  1. Can you provide a link to the book's Goodreads page?

  2. Psssst. I'm a big proponent of someone acknowledging when someone else encourages and/or helps them. So this sentence in your "About My Writing" page: "I dislike drama which involves misunderstandings or one of the characters tediously denying how they feel." That. It enormously helped me with my novel. This is my first time writing what I hope to be "a strong female protagonist" and so I'm screwing up in ways I never anticipated. For 2 years now. I am discovering biases I didn't think I had!

    So yes, I wrote a scene last night where she was thinking about the guy she met, that he was cute, and she looked into the rear view mirror and realized she was smiling. My instinct was for her to drop the smile. That would have been cute and current and in vogue. Then I realized, NO. SHE'S OKAY WITH LIKING HIM. And everything made sense. Suddenly she is someone I can identify with in that moment, because I always know when I like someone. Good grief. You see what I mean about this being obvious stuff and why am I so dense?


  3. Hi Jaimie! I'm glad that helped you! Gaining an understanding of your characters is half the job of writing a book - once they become 'real' to you they tend to try writing the book themselves. :)


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