05 November 2011

Touchstone Wordclouds

And on an only very mildly spoiler-ific note, here are the Wordclouds for each book of the Trilogy.


Lab Rat One

Wordclouds are an excellent way to spot your writing tics.  I use quite a few weasel words, such as 'like' and 'sort of' and I add 'really' to almost everything and then go back and edit most of them out.  'Just' is also very common.

Interesting to see the progression of importance of certain people through Cass' year away from home.


  1. thats freaky. Is this an easy program to use? I could throw my thesis in.

  2. Yup - just go to www.wordle.net and paste your text in the box. Then play with the options or the random button.

  3. That is a neat program. Thank you for telling us about it.


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