18 October 2011

Touchstone Giveaway

Now that I've finally whipped up a blurb which isn't entirely cringe-worthy, I've posted a giveaway for the entire Touchstone trilogy in trade paperback at Goodreads. [It requires being a member of Goodreads to enter, but that's free and pretty good fun - I find I quite enjoy tracking which books I read, and that I read a lot more than I realised!]

 I'll also be running a giveaway of Caszandra (ebook format) on this blog in the last couple of weeks before release. Release is 25/26 November unless I manage to get through it quickly, in which case I will shift everything forward a bit. ;)

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Caszandra by Andrea K. Höst


by Andrea K. Höst

Giveaway ends November 25, 2011.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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  1. You just made me sign-up on Goodreads ! Well done :)

  2. Hopefully you'll enjoy the site! I like reading the reviews, which seem to balance somewhere between Amazon and formal book blogging.

    Good luck in the draw. ;)

  3. Yay! Can't wait for Caszandra to come out. Any way to make this series go past a trilogy? Hint hint...

  4. There'll be a short "bonus volume", MK. ;)

  5. I am so excited about Caszandra coming out soon. I barely got any sleep or anything done for several days while reading Stray and Lab Rat One. When this volume comes out I doubt I will be worth a dang until I finish it. :) Very excited to see there is a bonus volume.

  6. @ Anon - Just call me the Thief of Sleep. :D I had a lot of fun writing the blurb of the bonus volume...


  7. I agree with the thief of sleep title - Stray and Lab rat one did that to me too.

  8. Just signed up at Goodreads. Unfortunately, can't find your book giveaway there.

  9. Clicking on the link above in this post should take you to it, Anon. [Goodreads has so many giveaways that it's quite a challenge to find a particular book by browsing.]

  10. Hi Andrea,
    I just want to say I really enjoyed both books of Touchstone so far, and I'm looking forward to reading your other works too. Just curious- do you have a Facebook page for yourself or your books that I can "like"? I like to put the books and authors that I really enjoy out on facebook so my other reader friends can check them out. I couldn't find anything for you when I searched. Thanks, and I can't wait for Caszandra!! =)

  11. @ Brooke - So glad you've enjoyed Touchstone! I didn't really have anything formal set up for Facebook, but I do now!


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