27 August 2011

Status Report

Finally through the near-last edit of Voice!  That means (unless some great logical inconsistency is uncovered) it's likely to be out mid-September.  I'm currently working on the (rather spoilery!) map, and will be including a glossary (and adding one into Silence), since the titles and countries can be a bit difficult to remember.

Voice is very short!  The shortest thing I'm ever likely to release (though still novel length, closer to the average length for a mystery than a fantasy novel).  I debated adding a whole series of extra adventures, but this is the correct length, I think, for this part of the story.  It's practically a reversal of the traditional fantasy novel (which often build up to a huge battle), and is remarkably emotional at several points (tearing up at my own writing, tch).  I suspect, when the readers get to the last couple of chapters, they will be screaming at me, and sharpening the knives, heh.

Then it's on to finalising Caszandra.  This volume is 150,000 words long, so it's hard to predict how long this will take me to fine-edit.  I'm aiming for early December.

I also plan to 'relax' with writing more of Pyramids in there, but I've forbidden myself from working on that until I've finished all the tasks for Voice.

Sales were fairly bad this month (yet still actual pocket money).  August is apparently the absolute worst month for selling books, so I'm blaming it on that at the moment.  I did a giveaway at LibraryThing, and the general response has been good.  Diary format is still the main thing people dislike about Touchstone, though it bothers fewer people than I expected.

There's a few readers who seem to have gone through every book I've written and liked them all and that means a great deal to me.  :)


  1. Not every book for me (yet), I still need to read Stained Glass Monsters ... :)

  2. That's me! That's me! I liked them all!

    I also like your current honeyeater/hummingbird? Background. Are you trying out a series?

  3. I just randomly get bored with the themes and randomly pick a new one. I know I should probably set up an "Andrea K Host" banner and stick to it, but this is more fun. :)

  4. I have now bought them all, and greatly enjoyed all I have read (Silence... is still to read).
    (I found you, and them via LibraryThing)

    I am greatly looking forward to Caszandra

  5. I'm glad you've been enjoying them Tim. :)


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