28 January 2011

Time Sucks

I'm supposed to be finishing up the final edit of Stray.  And I HAVE been working steadily through it, but slowed down by a sudden rash of "this could be better" which means I'm editing almost every paragraph - and, well, Civilisation V.

I played the first Civilisation when it came out, enjoyed it mildly, but have never really gone back.  I'm not that into strategy games and while I find Civ fun, I can safely play it and know I'm not going to run through it more than a handful of times.  But a handful of times is quite a lot of hours.

MAJOR lack in Civ V though - in the original Civ when your citizens decided they loved you, they built you a bit of palace and you got to pick out what it looked like.  That was the best part!

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