07 December 2010

Fifth Cover - Stained Glass Monsters

The third of my covers from the amazing Julie Dillon, Stained Glass Monsters packs some serious punch.

I love how Julie worked Rennyn's ribbons into this scene, and subtly captures the seething menace of Eferum-get.  Rennyn and Faille both come across brilliantly (Faille particularly so, heh - Kellian jokes are never going to get old).  Rennyn is so determined and focused on her task, and this image bring across her power and her potential darkness.  The placement of Faille's sword is a particularly nice touch, suggesting both the need to protect and protect against Rennyn.

Font-wise, this was by far the hardest, but after a diligent century of searching I managed to find something which felt exactly 'right'.  I may change the colour of the 'glass' - originally I had a rainbow spectrum, but because the image is already a complex one, I've toned it back to the two shades of yellow.

SGM (and Stray) will be released early January 2011, and this is another cover I'm overjoyed to have.


  1. I was just admiring your cover art! I wandered over from AW and love the covers of your books!

  2. Thanks Che! I think I'm extremely lucky to have ended up with such wonderful covers.


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